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dmmd au where everything is the same but ren is a furby.

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4/13 will forever be known as SHINY QUAGSIRE DAY.

Pics or it didn’t ha—

4/13 will forever be known as SHINY QUAGSIRE DAY.



Do you remember when the internet looked like this?

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The fuck



Do you remember when the internet looked like this?

Bento time 3: Son of Bento Time

Only two little bentos, but one of them has apple bunnies so it’s all good.

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dumb meme joke

Apparently I wasn’t being very creative today but!  SLIMES!!  Corrosive slimes!  I used a limited color palette too why not.

1. Gaseous slime.  Mostly it’s big and slow and easy to avoid but it’s so very caustic that it’s constantly spewing noxious gases into the air, both from its own digestive systems and from running over things in its path.  It hunts prey by suffocating it rather than chasing or setting traps.  Leaves a slimy trail but the trail evaporates completely into poisonous fumes within a half hour.

2. Clinging slime.  It grows on the ceiling and when it gets big enough it drips down to the floor.  Sticky as all hell and when it touches something it attempts to wrap, engulf, and digest.  Used to be a serious plague on adventurers until someone discovered that if you get caught by it, pouring sand over the slime will disable it momentarily as it attempts to wrap each individual grain.

3. Burrowing slime.  The bane of dwarves and miners everywhere.  Uses its acidic “hood” to burn its way through the ground in search of edibles like roots and cave life.  It also leaves a poisonous trail of fumes and a thin film of slime wherever it goes.  Most of the acidic shield is on the front, so if you can surprise it by attacking from behind you’ll have an advantage.  However, they seldom travel alone…

This was a design prompt challenge by fini-mun and if you want to try for yourself, check out the different prompts for challenge #1 here and the instructions here!



Alright, here we go, the first design prompt challenge! To begin, just choose one of these six swords. I suggest you reblog and state your decision, to discourage you from changing your mind after the reveal of the challenge.

Since the effect on each of these swords may be difficult to discern, I’m going to briefly describe each-

  1. Frozen Sword- This sword has shattered from extreme cold, and remains frosted.
  2. Rusted Sword- Exposure to water has caused the steel sword to rapidly rust.
  3. Corroded Sword- Some form of chemical or acid has caused the blade of his sword to melt away.
  4. Melted Sword- The steel of his sword has melted from exposure to extreme heat.
  5. Festering Sword- While this sword remains unscathed, it has become coated in something unspeakably vile.
  6. Gilded Sword- It’s difficult to say if this sword has been coated in gold or is becoming gold…

Tomorrow I will reveal the design challenge that is tied in to these swords. I really hope everyone will enjoy this challenge!

Oh, and I’ll be using the tag ‘design prompt challenge’ for these. :)

Oh these are good, I’m having a tough time deciding between corroded and festering…

My pick is #3: Corroded Sword.