I have a story/group of OCs that I've never shown to anyone, because I want to eventually get that story published.


That’s cool! I wanted to do something like that when I was in highschool, but I realized novel-writing is not really one of my strong suits, haha.

Good luck with yours, though! :>

Thank you!  Ahaha, I’m such a bad novel-mommy, I started writing in 2007 and still haven’t finished…  It’ll probably be done by the time I’m 40.  :P

NDK 2014 costumes yay!  Vaarsuvius from Order of the Stick on the left, and Willow from Don’t Starve on the right.

I feel really dumb for forgetting to take my glasses off for the Vaarsuvius picture, but I have Plans for an 11th Anniversary Photoshoot so hopefully I’ll remember when that happens.

Also, bonus V picture:

NDK swag post! Come laugh at my purchases

Let’s start off with my Artist’s Alley swag.  From biggest to smallest:

  • Trigger Warning,” a Dangan Ronpa artbook with a name so hilarious I had to get it
  • A mini-poster of Eeveelutions by Finni Chang
  • A little card with a chibi Magikarp on it by Clinkorz.  I mean come on.  Look at that face.
  • That guy is just so happy to be alive

Dealer’s Room swag behind the cut because this got really long!

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I am back from NDK and I bought too much swag and I can count the number of people who took my photo on one hand, hooray!

This cape is gonna be the death of me, ha ha.  (Sorry for the awful bathroom selfie.)

This cape is gonna be the death of me, ha ha.  (Sorry for the awful bathroom selfie.)

a;lkshdflakseh thank you anon!!  That really means a lot to me.  I’m glad it made you happy, I’ll keep doing my best!




is that a budding V cosplay I spy? O_O

Yes!  You have perfectly gleaned my true intentions.  :)



Dear fucking Christ what a blast from the past.  (x)

I have finally created the *~perfect~* Gen. Behold the wonder of RAINBOW SPECTRASUE! Her hair is every color in the spectrum and she has enormous perfect boobs and has about 95% of the male Gen population chasing after her. She is best friends with all the Creators and has a sparkly rainbow Flow that follows her everywhere that was a gift from Imagni. SPOILER ALERT she is Astrima and Valentine's love child and the reincarnation of SPECTRAMIS' GREAT AUNTIE. ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL.







You can bet that there will be 4 of her within a month. I already have people asking about being multigens. YOU LAUGH NOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN. It happens in every fandom, icccckk.

But as long as the fanfiction is sufficiently terrible I will be delighted.


On e upon a itme thaer waas the  gnes wuiith magics dream powarhs arnd they all love s RIAINBDO SPECTSUR (i mena rainbow spectrasue plz ignore typos thnks) and she has suoper arwesom poawhs and all the gens luved her becasud she was totals badasd and hot and swxy with all the colosand really big perfict bewbs but rAinbow was only in luv with silvr and he luvved her to but asstrimemer says no bc she cannts silvr has big dutis t o do “omfg mom u not undrstand we are in LUV OKa!” ands hse ran away because astrmie did not no wot she wanted and she hugged her flow which sh has bc she specul abnd imagni gave it her and she sez “sparklebutt glitternoodle cn we go” an sparklebuttglitternoodl sez “ok” s they goes ands then the bad guses atteacks and the gens fight but they r losing so ranmbo comes and saves teh dey with magci powards and turns intuy spectrais aunts “omg ranbo we love u” every1 criz “i no” she sez

teh end

And the circle is complete.

omg i love your oc i hAVe to draw her!!!!!!!!!!1


sorryr silvr i ship her with someone elsE!!!!11!!!one!!!!11!!

oh fuck XDDDDDDD

PENDULA YOU CAN’T HANDLE HER MULTIHAWTNESS. Now i’m just imagining Number 7 plotting to push her down the stairs.  

This is only gonna spiral out of control now i can see it and actively encourage it XD;

ps have Sparklebutt Glitternoodle. He’s totally the best Flow ever, not a sparkledog wannabe or anything. (and wasnt me forgetting how to draw cats no sirree)


I couldn’t help it she’s too cute, I AM WEAK